Profit share

Fairsearch uses a 90/10 profit share business model where 90% of advertising profits are paid directly to creators.

Why this is good for search

Let’s say that the biggest search engine in the world makes $100B from its search service. Now, imagine them implementing this 90/10 profit share model and sending $90B per year to the publishers who create content.

Wikipedia would probably earn a few billion dollars a year from its content. They’d be able to stop asking for donations and pay the people who polish their articles a decent salary.

There would be no more need for paywalls and affiliate links, and publishers who’ve had to resort to filling their pages with ads and blindly chasing traffic with clickbait articles would be able to focus once more on deep investigation and quality analysis.

A citizen journalist uncovering corruption on the side of a full-time job could start earning without spending time trying to monetize content. Once they make a living off their earnings, they could invest profits into user-friendly databases that organize complex research for public use.

The best thing is that you don't have to be an expert to benefit. Let's say you love pancakes more than anything else in the world. Now you have an incentive to grow that passion – imagine getting fairly paid to share creative recipes, publish photos of your creations and teach the rest of the world how they, too, can make the fluffiest pancakes ever. Independent creators everywhere will finally be able to flourish.

Simply put, the Fairsearch business model encourages high-value content. A 90/10 profit share model rewards experts, independent journalists and passionate individuals for their work and pushes for high-quality content to make up any given page of search results.

As a user of Fairsearch, you’re automatically contributing to the community and thanking knowledge organizers and creators with actual dollars. All while enjoying an unbiased, private search experience filled with top-notch content by passionate, well-compensated makers.

Like our vision? As Fairsearch grows, we’d love to get your support – just use our search engine or mention us to a friend. Or maybe even join us.